Make Your Own Loaves of Love

You know that feeling you get when your taste buds are happy? That’s what happens to every person who makes bread with Sagapo Homemade Bread Kits. Our kits are assembled with carefully chosen high quality ingredients. Order your kit today for yourself or as a treat for someone special. Nothing shows you care more than freshly baked bread. We’d love to send you our easy to make recipe!






A Little Background

Sagapo is a family run business and we have been baking bread in our family for generations. It all started when my grandfather, Papou Yiorgios, immigrated to the states during WWI. He served in the U.S. military when he arrived, got his citizenship following his service, and settled in Portland, Oregon with his wife and three children. Papou was a talented bread baker and made his living running a bread delivery service.

My dad always said his favorite childhood memory was waking up early to deliver fresh-baked bread with his dad on the weekends, and he passed on that love of bread and family time to me. I chose the name Sagapo for this company because in Greek it means “I love you,” which is a simple phrase that encompasses all the things this tradition means to me.

The Greek customs of food and family is alive and well in my house, and I want to share it with yours.

What is Sagapo?

Sagapo makes simple euro-style bread baking kits for adventurous Coloradoans who appreciate high-quality, non-GMO foods and eco-friendly packaging. With a Sagapo Bread Kit, you can make fresh, gourmet bread right in your own kitchen no matter what level of experience you have. Each kit makes a batch of dough that lasts up to two weeks in the fridge and is large enough to make a large family sized loaf or about four personal sized loaves. Bring your family together with the mouthwatering smell and unbeatable taste of fresh bread.

How Good is the Bread?

All ingredients in your kit are sourced, measured, and packaged by us personally. We use only the best non-GMO ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. We’ve completed Colorado’s required training for home-based dried goods businesses and we put love and care into every bread kit we deliver. Follow the simple recipe included in your kit and your bread will be amazing.

My Dream

My plan is to donate a bread kit to a family in need for every five kits that I sell. When you decide to buy a bread making kit for yourself or your family, I hope you’ll consider the warmth Sagapo will bring into your home and the love you’d be sending out into the world.

Fill your stomach. Fill your home. Fill your heart.

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                 WE'RE STARTING SMALL!


Our kit contains:

"The Original"  a very basic recipe that produces delicious Greek style country bread called Horiatiko (Horry-AH-tiko). All your ingredients, instructions, and a roll of parchment paper are included.

And If you're feeling sassy... enhance your dough with a tempting savory packet. These packets can be mixed into your dough, or used in other creative ways!

Our current packets:

"Olive Love" - create a twist on The Original and incorporate dried olives into your dough.

"Vampire Slayer" - another twist on The Original - mix organic garlic slices into your dough. This packet is made from dried garlic slices and must be simmered in water to be reconstituted. Do not mix it into your dough until you are ready to shape and bake - garlic not only slays vampires, it slays yeast too (and we need yeast looking lively for your dough to rise!).

"Spicy Nicey" - our final option to mix up The Original . This spice mix can be added into your dough, sprinkled over the top before baking, and/or mix it with oil to dip your bread!

                                Pick the one that makes you smile the most!

Currently, we can only sell in Colorado and we can deliver in the Denver area.

           Please contact us with suggestions or requests for future recipes!

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To eat well is to live well.

Papou Yiorgios



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Required Disclaimers

Sagapo Homemade Bread Kits are produced in a home kitchen in Colorado without regulatory oversight and may also contain common allergens.

This recipe is not gluten free.

Sourced ingredients are labeled non-GMO and sourced packaging is labeled recyclable and bio-degradable.

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